Sunday, 20 November 2011

Beautiful Baby Bump

A couple of months ago I had the huge privilege of photographing my very first baby bump! I met Gemma Holmes through Bryony Pearce at her book launch. Gemma was heavily pregnant with her and Edward's third child at the time, so we quickly scheduled in a shoot just two weeks before she was due to give birth to gorgeous baby Ewan!

Gemma & Ed also have two beautiful girls, Harriet and Emily who were so excited to meet their new baby brother. Gemma looked completely stunning and glowed throughout the shoot and the girls did an amazing job of posing, getting paint everywhere and keeping everyone entertained! Also a big thank you to Ed who provided some very yummy Eggs Benedict for breakfast and who became my photography assistant for the morning!

Thank you for letting me share such precious photos and congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful baby boy!


Anonymous said...

Amazing amazing amazing!!!

whatidoisme said...

You know what? I wasn't sure about this idea when I read you'd done a babybump photoshoot on Twitter. Having looked at these beautiful pix however, I think you've created some really lovely memories for the family. Very sensitively done.


Knikki said...

Baby bump pictures are becoming a very popular subject these days. I really like these as they are something different, I prefer the colour ones as I think they realy show mum off very well.

Emily said...

So amazing, feel really inspired to go for it!x