Friday, 11 May 2012

Beautiful Inside & Out

This is quite a personal post today which I've wanted to do for a while but have been nervous about sharing! I want to tell you about my photography and what really gets me inspired! 

Well... You inspire me! 

Whenever I take portraits it makes me feel such freedom, joy and passion I can hardly describe it. I become a whole new person removed from my every day life and transported into a much deeper place. The usually quiet Charlotte becomes driven and excited and loses herself in the moment. I suppose a little like when you dance like no one is watching.

I have worked with so many people who tell  me that they aren't photogenic or that they always hide from the camera. So often they are worried about what people see on the surface but I'm more interested to see who you are not what you look like. The outer beauty is not what is important it is what comes from within which I am most interested in and what really gets me excited.

It is such a great privilege for me to take someones picture,  I feel like we enter such a personal journey together. When I'm behind my lens I am not judging or thinking with predjudice, I just have my eyes wide open to see you. My best images are produced when I'm invited to cross the boundaries of the 'outer shell', when we've laughed a little at ourselves and any every day armour that we've built is set aside for a short while. My main focus and greatest aim is for you to feel comfortable, safe to be yourself and to produce beautiful images that encapsulate you.

It is the same when I photograph couples or families. The natural interaction you have between each other is what I'm looking for not the 'stiffly posed' shots. I'll often ask a groom to whisper a cheeky comment in the brides ear so I can watch and capture her natural reaction and its these kind of shots that I feel truly capture your personalities and your relationships.  

My photography often breaks all the rules, I love to shoot into the sun, overexpose an image and crop in unusual angles! However I am a stickler for detail and am only happy with what I consider to be 'the best'.

I not only love taking pictures but I also love to talk about it too! Do get in touch for a chat if you're planning a wedding or fancy trying a portrait session, I'd love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading, I hope you all have a lovely sunny day,

Charlie x


Roxana Pirlea said...

Charlie, it’s so brave of you to bear your naked, artistic soul out to the world! I applaud that!
Just like your blog, your pictures are candid and natural. They speak without words, presenting everlasting stories of true beauty, encapsulated in every detail, colour smile and ray of light!

It is as though we can see it through the artist's eyes (yours) and hear you hold your breath right before the snap, as though not to miss that important shot. Breathtaking!!
So, go on, keep on taking pictures, but don't forget to breathe now and again ;)

All my love,
from your biggest adoring fan,

Roxana xxx

Ellie Lewis said...

Love those backlit shots! What editing did you use can I ask?
Is the sun-flare "real"? Looks great even if it's P'shopped in I think it really suits the image.

heather seed said...

What a beautiful piece of writing. Really love your sunlit/backlit shots. Stunning. xxx